Al-Zababdeh Municipality organizes leisure trip for people with special needs and their mothers     Municipality Zababda terminate the rehabilitation and paving of a number of internal roads     Municipality Zababda start installing speed bumps on the main street    

Municipality Zababda start installing speed bumps on the main street

1Al Zababdeh Municipality started the installation of speed bumps on the main road passing through the town center and link Jenin governorates of the West Bank , including other Tubas , Nablus, Ramallah , Tulkarem to reduce speeding drivers and pedestrians to protect the citizens .\r\n\r\nThe engineer said naughty Douaibes mayorAl Zababdeh that the municipality has worked on the implementation of this project at their own expense and budget for this sector so as to protect the citizens of the town and its inhabitants from the staff and students of the Arab League, the U.S. and to reduce the excessive speed of the motorists who use the main street of the town during roaming in the region or go to other provinces or for those coming from other provinces to Jenin or Arab American university students coming daily to the university through private vehicles or public transport .\r\n\r\nThe student Douaibes drivers to alleviate speeding through Syakthm order to preserve the lives and the lives of them in the vehicle or in order to preserve the lives of pedestrians and people on the ground .\r\n\r\nHe stressed that there will be Douaibes also re- paint all the lines and planning pedestrian street duly given to the legal right of every citizen using the main street of the town and to preserve the lives of any disliked .\r\n\r\nThe price of shopkeepers and citizens of this step by the municipality and cooperation and Engineering Department put the selection of places where these bumps help them to move freely and safely at all times without fear of excessive speed for vehicles used for the street .\r\n\r\nThe municipality will establish Al Zababdeh nine pitfalls Rubber on the main street in order to serve all citizens and works to alleviate the speed by drivers especially at key junctions leading into the revival of the old town

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